SARE is going sharply up. 7.5 millions zl of revenue in 2011, foreign expansion, and a new company in the group.

19 października 2012

SARECapital Group, with the listed since March 2011, on the New Connect market, SARE join stock company, ended the year 2011 with revenue of 7.5 million zł. It's about 24% more than it was predicted in the Information Document. In the IVQ, the Company strongly appeared on the Ukrainian and Slovak market. Currently, the services of the SARE company are already used by more than 20 countries around the world. Poland's first e-mail marketing media house – mail-media, also has joined to the Group, generating only in IVQ 2011, incomes from sale of nearly 1 million zł.

The dynamics ofgrowth of the SARE Group’s revenue form sales in 2011 was 172% compared to 2010. Consolidated incomes for the year 2011, compared with the previous year, represent the dynamics of 279% (profit from operations) and 306% (net profit). The Company has nolong-termcommitments. It also notes the significant decline of the short-term liabilities every year, what is the effect of the consistentfinancial policyof the Company.

-The dynaics of growth of revenue of 172% is a result of consistent sales efforts of our company and increasing awareness of the potential customers, how much they can get using a wide range of tools offered by our Capital Group.We focus on efficiency – says Tomasz Pruszczyński, the Chairman of the Board of SARE join stock company – The portfolio of our clients Increases, but also increase their requirements. We remain the market leader because we are  continuing to invest in the development of new services and qualified staff. Thus, a new company in the group and foreign expansion. The market perceives and responds positively – Pruszczyński Tomasz adds.

SARE, at the end of 2011, has signed sales contracts with companies from Ukraine and Slovakia. The company will soon conclude cooperation agreements with new transactors, not only from the European market.

The first media house in Poland, mail-media, specializing in e-mailing campaigns has joined to SARE Gropu in IIQ 2011. Thanks tothat, services provided by the companies of the Capital Group SARE complement each other, allowing to focus in one place many activities related to the mailing, and mobile advertising, without the need  of using from variety of systems and solutions offered by several, usually competing companies.

TheSARE Group includes companies such as the leader of an e-mail marketing SARE, mailing advertising network INIS and  specializing in e-mail marketingcampaigns media house Media Mail.


The SARE join stock comapny Capital Group consists of technology companies that provide information systems for mass communication using e-mail and mobile phone. Offering complementary services in the area of ​​delivering e-mail and text messaging, planning e-mail campaigns, and sharing analytical tools Group SARE join stock company has achieved a leading position on the Polish market of e-mail marketing.

SARE join stock company offers a powerful tool for e-mail marketing, which helps dispatch newsletters, mailings and text messages, as well as manages address’ databases and presents detailed reports of each campaign. The SARE system is used by the largest Polish and international companies.

mail-Media Limited Liability Company is the media house specializing in e-mailing campaigns based on external databases. Thanks to segmantation according to target groups the comany reaches with its advertising message to specific audience. Mail-media develops and expands its competence in the field of campaign accounted for the effect of (cost-per-click and cost-per-lead) also conducted in the search engines and social networking platforms. The separation of a subsidiary company mail-media was completed with registration entry in the National Court Register on 25 May 2011.

Inis Limited Liability Company provides free professional tool to carry out an e-mail marketing campaign by the owners of websites, blogs, forums and websites. The Company, in addition to the tools and support, offers to the  publishers – like the affiliate network – ready advertising mailings for whose implementation, the company pay commission to its users.