MobiQuest-new company within the Group SARE

19 October 2012

SAREGroup expands. October 4 of this year. to Inis, mail-media, and neronIT joins the MobiQuest Ltd company, in which SARE has 50% of shares. The Chief Executive Officer of the newly established subsidiary is Thomas Pruszczyński. Alexander Habrzyk sits in the board as Member of the Board of the Company.

Last weekSARE Group increased of MobiQuest Ltd. The company was established in response to market needs and will use research skills of the Research House Maison, which has the other 50% of the shares and technological base of SARE.

By creatinga new company, we use the potential that lies in the industry, as well as in our system. The activities of the new company is made possible by the integration of survey module with e-mail and mobile marketing, which are offered by our system. We believe that the new company will bring much new to the industry and the effect of our actions will be a lot of interesting projects.- says Tomasz Pruszczyński, the Chairman of the Board of SARE.

MobiQuestwill work in the area of ​​market research (Strategic Market Research) carried out through new technologies: Internet, mobile phones and others. Product innovation is in its mobility and the aggregation of results. The availability of objective opinion has never been at your fingertips.

MobiQuestcombines the powers of the House Research Maison and technological of SARE. Studies using new technologies include: the opportunity to ask questions to consumers located in specific situations, such as while shopping in the store, watching TV, etc.. It is also quicker to obtain information – even within a few hours from the moment of asking the question, and lower cost than traditional methods of research. – Says Alexander Habrzyk, Member of the Board MobiQuest Ltd.

Thanks to the serviceof MobiQuest customers are able to conduct a representative survey on a national scale using just a mobile phone. The speed of response and representativeness of the sample makes it an ideal tool for such journalists and the media, to publish the results of the survey in a few hours of your query.

The researches usinga variety of technologies are the future of marketing research because they can be faster, more accurate, and often cheaper than traditional research. That is why Research House Maison decided to engage in the development of such research in Poland, which may be an interesting complement of researches already available on the Polish market. – Adds Dominika Maison, the Chairman of the Board of Research House Maison Ltd.


SARE join stock company offers a powerful tool for e-mail marketing, which helps dispatch newsletters, mailings and text messages, as well as manages address’ databases and presents detailed reports of each campaign. The SARE system is used by the largest Polish and international companies.

Research HouseMaison Ltd. carries out research projects with passion. The company has been in the market research since 2005, specializes in the strategic marketing research, developed and implemented in the context of a broader knowledge of: consumer behavior, psychology, advertising, psychology, emotion and motivation.

MobiQuestLtd. Deals with market research with the use of new technologies: Internet, mobile phones and others. It uses research skills of the Research House Maison Ltd. and technological base of SARE join stock company.